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Write a Middle School Graduation Speech

Graduation is a defining moment of life. Delivering a speech is an honor and a chance to be grateful towards the people who have helped you graduate. Thus, your middle school graduation speeches need to be meaningful. Put a little thought into your speech before delivering it.

There are many speech ideas, which talk about ‘leaving the nest’ and ‘finding your niche’. You may be a valedictorian, but you need to think a little out of the box to make a mark on the memories of those listening to your speech.

Sample Middle School Graduation Speech

Passing out of school is a very obvious part of life for many individuals. However, it becomes the biggest moment, sort of a turning point in everyone’s life, for the moment it marks. Graduation is a summation of who you are today, the person who is about to step out of this room and take on the bigger challenges of life. As I stand here today, I welcome you all to our middle school graduation, and thank you all at the onset for being an integral part of it.

I remember the first day of school and how apprehensive we were. Little did we know then that these faces were to become some of the best friends for a lifetime. Over the years we learned several lessons of love and friendship, of bonding and trusting one another. Some of these lessons go beyond textbooks and project work. However, today we restart our journey in a new world with different set of people. We are again at a juncture of life where we will constantly strive to climb ladders of success, both academic and social.

As we leave today, we are far more equipped and edified to face the world because of our ardent teachers. These men and women have toiled along with us for years to reach newer heights with every passing academic year. Together, we have overcome pitfalls, explored new dimensions, and achieved much more than what we had set out for.

Once again, on behalf of all my fellow students, I would like to express a heartfelt gratitude to my teachers, parents, and all those who have stood by us and supported us in our trying times. Thank you all for everything and for wishing us well as we enter the new chapters of our lives.

As a word of advice, write down graduation speech as it will be original, genuine, and capture the essence of the moment. Good luck!

Lenders for Student Loans

Choosing the right private lender for a student loan is imperative for college students so they fulfill their educational and financial responsibilities in a fine and hassle-free manner. This article will provide some guidelines that should be considered while selecting a lender.


The demand for student loans has been increasing at a remarkable pace. Many experts in the education and finance sector feel that it will continue to rise, due to the post-recession recovery in the job market. Globalization and the competitive nature of the job market has led the students to expand their knowledge and skills, with most opting for a higher education with a professional aim in mind. As a result, the number of students seeking loans has increased significantly. Considering the huge demand, many private lenders have come forward to finance such students and help them enroll in their desired courses. Though the list of such lenders is quite large, it is important to be aware of the eligibility required to apply for these loans. Let’s look into the eligibility details for instant loans for students.

Eligibility Criteria

The first eligibility criteria for obtaining financial aid from private lenders is the age requirement. For any kind of legal agreement, most organizations require the applicant to be at least (at least) eighteen years of age, while some may require you to be twenty-one. Private lenders normally advance student loans to residents and permanent citizens only, but others can also apply for a loan, provided they have a permanent citizen as a co-signer for the loan. Documents related to age proof, previous school attended, and address proof are a must for the loan application. In addition to that, the lenders need to be convinced that the student will be able to repay the loan issued to him/her, so the student must to be ready to answer questions about the major chosen, its demand in the job market, and the plans that he/she has made to repay the debt. The university a student is planning to attend also plays an important role in the lender’s decision to loan, because companies prefer candidates from well-known and accredited schools.

Selecting a Private Lender

To select a suitable money lender for the loan is essential so that students do not face any unnecessary problems. Ideally, the well established players in the market who offer student educational loans at affordable rates should be considered first. The terms and conditions of lenders may differ, hence, a careful study before signing up for the loan is advised. Educational loans generally come at a higher rate of interest than any other loans. Lenders vary in the type of finance they offer; some give loans only for selected courses, while others may finance you up to a specific amount. Students should choose the scheme that best suits their application, and look for favorable repayment plans. Many reputed lenders offer a span of around a year for the students to get a good job after their course completion, before the repayment actually starts.

Career Test for Middle School Students

The career tests or career assessment programs are aimed at helping students understand their own interests, preferences, values, motivations, skills, etc., and their impact on the process of choosing a particular career. Nowadays, there are different types of career tests available for students which enable them to understand the right career path.


Career Assessment

Career tests are important for middle school students to make an informed decision about their career, and also in choosing the right career path. Free test for students and various career assessment tools available on the Internet should help in taking the important decision of their career.

Career Test for Middle School Students
Students from middle school are in their developmental phase. Deciding on a career path at this age can be difficult for them. The tests meant for assessment of personality should therefore, come in handy to carve out the future course of career for them. Choosing the right career path can be tricky at times. One might get confused by seeing the sheer number of career options that are there to choose from. However, with the help of proper methods of assessment of personality traits, one can at least have a rough idea as to which path is the best for him/her. The Internet is quite a useful tool for obtaining information about various career tests available in the market. Some online services too offer assessment instruments which test the students on different parameters. Job titles relevant to results of these tests are provided to students in order to assist them in making a proper career choice. Let us have a look at the various career assessment instruments available online.
Career For Me II

It is a paper pencil career assessment instrument which helps students to think about their interests for choosing the right career. Using this instrument, students can gain information about the new job titles, learn more about their personal interests, understand how the different types of jobs are grouped in categories and much more.

The categories or clusters in which different job titles are grouped include ‘Environmental & Agriculture’, ‘Human Services’, ‘Health’, ‘Business & Management’, ‘Arts & Communication’ and ‘Industrial & Engineering Systems’.
Character Development Scale

The ‘Character Development Scale’ career assessment instrument/tool is helpful in the assessment of traits like integrity, kindness, determination, citizenship, respect and responsibility in middle school students. This assessment instrument is easy use and one doesn’t requires not more than 15 minutes to complete this test.

Subsidized and Unsubsidized Federal Loans

Subsidized and unsubsidized loans are primarily, student loans, that are lent as financial aid by the Federal government. To know more about the distinguishing features of both these loans, read on…

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To be honest, the difference between the two loans is not much, the interest rate is all that differs. Subsidized loan is often, rightfully, viewed to be government aid to students who wish to fulfill their academic ambitions. One must note that, when it comes to subsidized loans, the merit of the student and his academic capabilities tend to be qualifying criteria for qualifying for such a loan.

Federal Loans and Subsidy in the United States

The concept of Federal loans basically, implies the loans that are given to people as financial aid, by the appropriate government. The most common loan that is given by the Federal government is a student loan. These loans are given so that students, can fulfill their academic ambitions, without having to face the hurdle of sky high cost of education. The Federal student loans are arranged for through U.S. Department of Education and almost all students become eligible for these loans. There are two channels through which the federal loans for students are disbursed to the students, namely, they are given to students directly or they are given to parents. Stafford, Perkins, and Direct student loans are given to students who are financially challenged, and also any other student irrespective of their financial condition. The amount that is disbursed depends upon the year that the students are attending and their financial conditions. Now the repayment schedule and the interest for subsidized and unsubsidized loans differ from one another. Subsidized student loans are usually given to the students who are not able to afford the educational costs.

It must be noted that other loans, that is the ones that are not student loans, can also be subsidized and unsubsidized loans. Here’s the difference in the two…
What is the Difference Between Subsidized and Unsubsidized Federal Loans?

As mentioned above the difference is found in the repayment schedule and the interest payment rates and procedures. Here are the basic definitions:
Subsidized Loan: Any subsidized loan that is provided by the federal government, indicates that the government would bear the cost of the interest rate for a certain time period. This process is known as subsidizing the interest rate. The basic rule for all federal loans (especially for students) is that the government undertakes the cost of the interest till the student passes out of the educational system.
Unsubsidized Loans: Unsubsidized loans do not have the provision where the interest is taken by the government. Here the interest payment starts as soon as the loan is sanctioned or as soon as the prescribed time period starts off. Installations start immediately after the student graduates.