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Military Uniforms

Military clothing has evolved over a long period of time. Earlier, the uniforms were bright in color, often red and white. Nowadays, we find khaki, bottle green, and their variants being used extensively by most of the military forces.

Military uniforms are designed with all the minute details in mind like the place, or rather the soil on which the soldier has to fight, the climate, and the vegetation of that place. It is so because, soldiers cannot afford to be seen by the enemy, even when inside the enemy territory, and therefore they need to camouflage themselves in the colors of nature, i.e., green, brown, khaki, etc. When designing such clothing, one has to keep in mind the extreme conditions these personnel encounter at times. The most important thing is that they have to carry quite a few things, and they cannot afford to have extra baggage, since they already carry weapons which are heavy enough.

A uniform differentiates soldiers from civilians and instills a degree of discipline in them. Its design depends on the native style of dressing and various other conditions, e.g., the British uniform was red probably because red dye was cheaper at that time.

In the past, soldiers wore a lot of ‘red’, which was the royal color and it also marked them out of the masses. Also, it was believed that the bloodstains would not show on a red-colored fabric. The Roman, Ottoman, as well as the British Empire issued uniforms that were red in color.

The Evolution

Throughout the ages it has changed the form, color, and fabric in accordance with the resources of the authority. The French Army initially took it up in the seventeenth century. Until nineteenth century, they were quite ornate with embellishments but gradually it was discovered that, colors like red and white were actually getting soiled very fast, since the soldiers, at times, had to even sleep in their uniforms.

Until 1914, most of the armies retained the bright colors only as a parade and off-duty wear like the Russian troops retained the dark green uniform introduced by Peter The Great in 1700. British Army also retained their scarlet uniform for parade. Khaki started taking over the men in action as and when wars started taking different dimensions, other than just serving the purpose of glorifying the triumphant king. The British Army adopted the khaki after India’s First war of Independence in 1857, it was followed with the Russo-Japanese War in 1905, that led to the Russians changing themselves into grayish khaki. Likewise, most of the armies took up the khaki, that would help them in camouflage as well as suit the work profile, which involved extensive physical exercise.

Techniques and Ways of Controlling Costs

Cost control can help a company determine if it is really spending more than it should. Though it is not essential to be a finance expert to understand the definition of cost control, planning and actually implementing the techniques can be quite a big challenge. The next few paragraphs will give you more information about managing costs.

Techniques and Ways of Controlling Costs

The first step in the management of costs is to find out the cost centers and arrive at a conclusion in how much percentage they differ or vary from the standards of the industry. It is also important to study how the close competitors of your company manage to control their costs, and in turn, maximize their profits. Before discussing the methods, it is very important to carry out a proper cost analysis. The costs incurred by all the departments of the company should be considered, so that you can chalk out smart strategies to overcome these financial problems. It is very important to find out the exact and relevant reasons the costs of the company are more than the standards adhered to by the industry.

The most important of all the cost control techniques is to appoint a small team of highly qualified and experienced people well versed in financial management to manage the daily finances of the company in a professional and systematic manner. The finance team should take correct decisions in favor of the company and opt for less expensive materials and resources for the company without compromising on their quality. You should be very clear about the number of employees you require for a particular project. There are many companies who find it difficult to earn decent profits as their employee count is way beyond the necessity. You can also consider the idea of recruiting employees on a contract basis to cut down your costs. While deciding how much salary to pay to a particular employee, you need to be very careful. You should decide the salary strictly on the basis of overall performance. Instead of giving awards to the employees in the form of frequent salary hikes, you should give out bonuses to eligible employees. Following practices recommended in cost method of accounting may benefit your company.
In the times of recession, many firms resort to cost control techniques such as reducing extra facilities to employees, such as recreational facilities. Such techniques might also include cutting down the expenditure incurred on traveling by air and luxury hotel accommodations in order to harness the cash flow. As a part of cost cutting, few firms may postpone or cancel their plans of acquiring new companies, investing in new businesses, and buying new machinery or systems. These techniques should be utilized to save money and bring back the financial strength of the company.

Moms Going Back to School

Pell grants for mothers who wish to go back to school are helping a lot of women from low income families get higher education and look for gainful employment. Here’s more about it…

There are several women across the country who would benefit from a higher education, as this will open doors for good employment opportunities. Education has the power to empower women to take better care of themselves and their families. However the cost of education is one of the biggest hurdles in their path, especially for women who have kids. One of the avenues they have for financial assistance for education are the Pell grants. These federal education grants help students from low income families get a good education from one of the affiliated colleges.

The government has also earmarked more than 40 billion dollars for funding education with programs like the Pell grants. Receiving financial aid from the government is not easy as some websites might lead you to think. There is an intense eligibility criteria and application process which requires fulfilling several requirements. These grants are one of the single largest source of financial aid for education made available by the administration.

Pell Grants for Moms
Each year, the government provides financial aid to several eligible students from all over America. One of the avenues of funding available is the federal Pell grants program, which is a need-based grant. A need-based grant basically qualifies students from low income families. The financial reward receivable through the grant is applicable to over 5,400 colleges and universities across America, and for a variety of educational courses. These grants are also referred to as moms going back to school grants, as they have helped several women continue their education.

The financial reward received through a grant need not be repaid unlike a student loan. This is what makes government grants most suitable for students from low income families. For the year 2011-12 the financial reward under the Pell grant program was USD 5,500. The grant amount is dependent on factors like the cost of education and the expected family contribution (EFC) of the student. Whether the student is enrolled in a part-time or full-time course also contributes to the receivable amount.
To apply for financial assistance, students are required to fill the Free Application for Federal student Aid (FAFSA) form. You will have to enter details about your or your family’s financial status, and information regarding the course which you desire to pursue. Students will also have to give details regarding their academic achievements. The FAFSA form is available on the federal student aid website along with the application dates and submission deadline. You can also get details regarding these grants from the financial aid office of your college.


Safety is the key for our men in the military. So is comfort to the civilians. Read on to know more about tactical military support gear which provides both these functions.


Special gear, also known as tactical gear and equipment, provides additional protection and comfort to users. Tactical military gear is now available for both Armed Forces and civilian use and is part of a wide business circle, which includes both small and large business owners. These are sold in special stores, while the government also auctions any additional military gear available with them. From special belts to tactical holsters, there are over a thousand items that one can choose from these days.

The Tactical Equipment used by the military is as follows:
Ballistic Plates
Belts Pouches
Handheld Lights
Eye Gears
Eye Protection Gears
Combat Knives
Climbing gear
Chemical Gear
Biological Gear
Surveillance Equipment
Night Vision Equipment
Weapon Sight Equipment
GPS Equipment
Medical Equipment
Tactical Accessories consist of clothes and other supporting equipment. Some of the most common tactical accessories are:
Elbow Pads
Knee Pads
Knuckle Operator Gloves
High Impact Gloves
Grip Gloves
Rope Gloves
Compass Watch
Watch Bands
Carry Bags
Hip Pouches
Battle Enhanced Pouches
Vest Holster
Shell Pouches
Baton Pouches
Grenade Pouches
Radio Pouches
Rescue Belts
Shoulder Straps
Weather Reference Cards
Duct Tape
Face Paint
Leg Straps
Gas Mask Pouches
Some of the Chemical and Biological Gear used by the military are:
Shower Caps
Shower Filters
Gas Masks
Rechargeable Batteries
Body Suits
Over Boots
Molded Gloves
Hydration Water Bottles
Air Blowers
Some of the Communication Gear used by the military are:
GPS Devices
Throat MICs
Personal Radios
Combat knives are very handy because they are small in size and are very easy to hide. These knives are mainly designed for self-defense, but can also be used for plenty of other activities, like cleaning fish! The blade used to make combat knives is usually made of pure stainless steel, but may vary in cases where the usage of the knives is not only self-defense. The handles offer a very firm and secure grip. Some handles contain holes for fingers to ensure that the knife does not slip out when the palms are sweaty.

In recent years, there has been an increase in the demand for Combat boots, especially in the civil sector, as they are very useful, waterproof, durable, and comfortable for rough terrain activities. Different varieties of boots are available depending on geographical locations and climatic conditions, namely for desert conditions or extreme cold weather. The heels and soles are carefully molded so that the boots offer a high level of comfort and stability along with ample support for the ankle. Combat boots with rubber outsoles are considered more comfortable than those without them, since shocks are better absorbed and movement is very easy. One of the most important companies that produce soles for combat boots is Vibram, a leader company in the market.